IFC Framework

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apstex IFC Framework

A Java framework for accessing and visualizing IFC-based building information models
IFC Java Toolbox
  • Reads / writes IFC STEP files
  • Full object-oriented
  • IFC entities → Java classes
  • Early binding
  • Support of inverse attributes
Geometry Tools
  • Boolean operations of 3D solids
  • Clipping and decomposition
  • Extrusional and rotational shapes
  • Geometric tests (e.g. intersection / inside / outside)
IFC Loader
  • IFC geometry interpreter
  • Support of all IFC representations
  • Support of appearance settings

IFC Java GUI Components
  • 3D-View
  • Tree Views
  • Alphanumeric Views
  • Support for loading multiple IFC models simultaneously (e.g. models of different disciplines)
IFC Java Viewer
  • Adaptable for use-case
  • Web-based technology
  • Platform independent
IFC WebGL Viewer
  • Ready for integration into websites

Example - Simple IFC Java viewer

Screenshot - WebGL Viewer (Mac OSX, Chrome)

Screenshot - IFC Java Viewer (Windows 7, Web Start)

Screenshot - IFC Java Viewer (MAC OS X, Web Start)

Screenshot - IFC Java Viewer (Ubuntu Linux, Web Start)

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any question: info@apstex.com